Corporate Experience

JPMorganChase & Co. 1995 - 2001

Director of Global Marketing Research/Strategic Support for JPMorgan Private Bank.

  • Built informaton foundation for new business targeted at the mass affluent market.
  • Employed state-of-the-art techniques from cultural anthropology, psychology, ideation, statistics, and the creative problem solving process.
  • Enabled senior management to allocate internal resources based on the size of potential private banking markets.
  • Contributed answers to questions needed to successfully implement.
    • Office expansion decisions.
    • Marketing and advertising campaigns.
    • New product introductions
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Payment Systems Inc. (PSI) 1992 - 1995

Director of Affluent Market and International Research Programs.

  • Marketed and conducted annual survey of 2500 affluent U.S. households.
  • Assessed the financial attitudes and behaviors of affluent households.
  • Marketed and managed a groundbreaking survey of payment card usage in ten European countries.
  • Advised financial services providers on strategies for servingthe affluent and private banking markets.